Who we are
New Paradigms. New Media. New Experiences.

With the world around us constantly in motion, there is always something new to discover. At NeoNiche, we strive to lead the change by strengthening the relationship between brands and the people who matter most to them.

From aligning employees and channels to deliver the brand promise; engaging customers and communities to drive brand advocacy; by connecting Brands with Buyers, Companies with Customers and Products with Prospects, we help our clients create stronger footprints through a unified brand experience.

Our Mission
“We aspire to be the most ‘Respected’, ‘Caring’ and ‘Innovative’ Experiential Marketing Company in the world.

It is our firm belief that if we pursue respect, care & innovation we will never short-change our clients, will care for our colleagues, their families and society in general, treat our partners with respect, and will never violate the law of the land in whichever country we operate.

It is our conviction that such a pursuit will create an environment of trust, harmony and excellence, pillars which will lead to constant Innovations for our Clients.”

What We Do
We define, design and deliver tailor-made experiential marketing solutions for our Clients. With our complete range of marketing services, we focus on realizing value for our clients and their brands by bringing alive the brand in the experiential realm. We do so by leveraging years of our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with global partners.

How Do We Do It

We listen to your prospects’ & customers’ needs and create a conversation with them at a personal level, guided by our philosophy of Ideas, Innovation and Insight.

Ideas – We analyze data and research to help you gain a precise understanding of your prospects, customers, industry, competitors, and the unique relationship between them and your company.

Innovation – Only a precise application of creative blend can make a message relevant and memorable in today’s cluttered media environment. By applying our creativity coupled with technology, we bring practicality, fresh perspective and innovation to your brand communications.

Insights – Whatever the scope and nature of the project, from a single direct mail exercise, to Product launches, Seminars & Conferences, Loyalty Programs, MICE Initiatives, Digital online & offline Campaigns, Lead/Demand Generation to an Integrated Global Campaign, any piece of communication and experience we create has a measurable results. One that can be quantified, in terms of customer experiences, responses and ultimately, bottom-line profitability. We provide the insight of experiences that we create using proprietary and non-proprietary tools.

And we’d love for you to join in…

Here it is all about Conversation

At NeoNiche we focus on spirited conversations, where we come together to talk about what it is, or what might be; conversations between the strategically inclined, creatively bent and the technologically robust, conversations between the practical and the innovative, conversations between now and the future.

The conversation doesn’t stop here. It’s just getting started!

And we’d love for you to join in…